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Developer notes:

*Attention:If you can't connect to game, you should use a Virtual Private Network for Korea.

• Connection may be difficult due to user mobility in Now. Thank you for your understanding.
If you get a patch error, please delete the game and reinstall it.

•Minimum Device Spec: More than Samsung GALAXY S7
•Required storage space: 5G

Editor notes

If you can't log in, please refer to the tutorial of player Candra Setiawan.

Patch troubleshooting Soultion:

  • Korean
  • Required
  • No VPN Required
  • Play store support required
  • Android 5.0 and above


The game by Nexon is still under development, but it is said to rival an MMORPG on PC. Developed by an indie studio, Moai Games, the game is developed with Unreal Engine 4 which makes it one of the best looking mobile MMORPG out there.
Traha is made to be a mobile MMORPG that would allow players to play their favorite roles and be the dominator on the battlefield. At the start, players will need to choose between 2 alliances before proceeding into character creation. There are 4 main classes to choose from and each has their own sub-classes from Rogue, Berserker, Warrior or Archer.
If you’re tired of all the fighting, there are also non-combat features in the game that could enrich your experience. Players can fish, cook and craft which can be mastered as non-combat roles like Cook, Blacksmith, Craftsman, Explorer and many more. Food that were cooked to provide consumables that boosts or buffs your character.

Detailed info

  • File Size : 215.98MB
  • Current Version : 1.20.9
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: NEXON Company
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Latest Version :7.9 Android:6.7
  • Mr.BlueSky

    Can anyone tell why this game keep saying "checking service"?

    Or... this just don't give me playing or I'm actually can't play this game? At first I can play and then... it's just like what im saying above :( Hope someone can tell me maybe..


      use solo vpn and use screen translation app

    • Mr.BlueSky

      Actually I can't the game becuz they saying "checking service" on login screen,its weird that they not said "can't login the game" instead they said "checking service" :(

      Btw Im use translate app

  • Dewandha Finart
    3.28 hrs on record

    Some tips (must)BEFORE download and playing:

    1. Because of this great game has region lock and ip blocks (must korean) then CHANGE ur region to South Korea and Time zone to Seoul(UTC+9).

    2. Get SoloVpn (vpn app) in Playstore - open it - select south korea - connect

    3. Start the download (it's around 5GB)

    4. Enjoy the great graphics MMORPG with Korean language (11:12 graphic comparison with BDM)

    • AyanoKoji-kunバツ

      why i cant install the game please help me. its saying when i try to install it apo not installed

    • Dewandha Finart

      What's your phone? Make sure Play Protect didn't prevent you installing another games outside from PlayStore, if so then disable it first and try again. Let me know when you're done.

    • AyanoKoji-kunバツ

      i disabled it but nothing happend.

    • AyanoKoji-kunバツ

      can you give me a tip i when i enter the game and playit my character and other just like map turn out to be black i can see nothing but the joystick.

    • Dewandha Finart

      I'm afraid i can't, but blackscreen things sometimes lead to hardware errors or maybe incompatible (gpu/cpu) i think. better try another apk source.

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  • AyanoKoji-kunバツ
    3 mins on record

    can someone help me.?😢

    when i try to download it and installed it, IT SAYS APP NOT INSTALLED. i try several times but nothing happened it keep saying app not installed.

    please gave me an solution to my problem. thanks.

  • Candra Setiawan

    if u still cant login see this tutorial

    if you lag and delay do this

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  • paulus hendrick

    can be work with ram 2 gb???

    • Mbee


    • 乔伊斯黄

      It will work but nowadays Nexon changed the game availability in phones. I used to play it on Mi Pad 4. The last time I play this game is 6 months ago and I can update this game through Play Store using VPN. But now I cannot update anymore. "Device is no longer supported". Also I go here on TapTap and updated it but the update didn't work. Game itself is getting heavy after these updates and no longer support lower phone processors.

  • Official Choice General

    # Chapter 1: Nexon TRAHA Newbies Guide Let's get it

    Hi,Guys! Today Nexon New Mobile game "Traha" being Grand Open in Android and iOS First, Check out the minimum playable divice spec before you play games.   troubleshooting Soultion Video(From:Candra S

  • General

    It's Great game!

    please looking foward game guide for english!

  • Choice Walkthrough


    上面是官方最近提供的崇拜火之力的「伏爾坎」與信仰水之力的「尼亞德」兩國勢力介紹視頻。地圖中兩個國家的位置是如下,從中大家可以發現《TRAHA》的世界特別廣闊的,且地形多樣。 兩個國家首領的話,我做了簡單的翻譯。  「伏爾坎」:伏爾坎的戰爭是被壓迫者的反擊,是審判傲慢王國的歷史。尼亞德,跪在我們的前程吧。 「尼亞德」:不要用暴力和掠奪沾染的霸權說出正義,被貪欲所裹脅的伏爾坎之人,我們將對你們判罪。

  • General

    Unable To Login

    Unable to login, when I open the game , it takes me to playstore.

  • Choice General


    1.下載 ◆ 你們可以自行嘗試看看加速器類的應用能不能下載TRAHA。我從某加速器下載了“黑色沙漠台服”,打開加速,可以更新並正常進入遊戲。 ◆ Play商店的TRAHA有鎖區。我的另一個Google賬號沒有綁定支付,沒有消費過,掛上韓國飛機從Play商店下載遊戲,打開並更新。必須是韓國飛機,否則只有一個幾十兆大小的程序,無法更新後續4G多數據。個人非常規操作(手機上玩,非模擬器),運行




NEXON Company



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