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Editor notes

・Global server now launched, support English

  • English
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Required
  • No proxy need from China


・Enjoy with extra-refreshing hack and slash action game with numerous character makeover.。
・Dress-up in to your style with your favorite "cute" and "charming" characters.
・Meet many players, sometimes cooperate, and sometimes battle each other.
...You belong here!
[About the game]
◆Grass plain, snowy mountain, desert……
LUPINAS's main stage for adventure is the tower that reaches to heaven overlaps different worlds.
Unfold each world and reach to the top.
There will also be auto-mode function, to move on quickly.
◆Play within dungeon! Complete with item!
There will be dungeons not only defeating monsters, but also collecting rare items and also challenging yourself.
Many dungeons to suit your adventure and playstyle.
Synthesize the items you collected to enhance and activate new skills.
◆Use various classes and skill systems!
There will be 6 main classes such as "Warrior" and "Magician," and additional "Gladiator" with skill system.
You can nurture your own, unique characters.
◆Meet new people…
LUPINAS will be full of many adventurers where you can meet and create a party to cooperate for a quest!
You can achieve quests that you couldn't achieve yourself, but also with your friends!
There will also be "emotion function" to express "smile" or "cry," to communicate and be closer with your party!
"Where everyone can be free ---
Tower that reaches to the sky appears out of nowhere
For those who have reached to the top,
will be able to make any wish come true,
and invited to eternal paradise."
The world of sword and magic.
Many of adventurers gathered naturally and flourished around when elevated tower appeared.
Apparently, there are rumors and legends that adventurers who challenged with their lives will achieve wealth and fame.
Also, when they reach to the top, any wish can come true, but no one has achieved to the top.
So there is another adventurer.
You can meet them at Revere,
and prepare for the quest, and all go to the tower...
[Recommended Spec]
Device: iPhone6 or later/iPad 3rd Generation/iPad 4th Generation
OS: iOS7.0 or later
Also, recommend to end other apps while playing.
Long-time playing while battery charging may generate heat with the device and hinder with gameplay.
There may be forced shutdown of device when the device is overheated.
[Official Page]
[Official Twitter]
・This game is online game. If you are using iPad with WiFi connection, you will need to be in stable WiFi connection environment.
・Please play under stable reception environment.
・There may be changes with corresponding connection and devices in future updates.
・The reception/connection speed may be different depending on the corresponding devices.
・There may situations where you will not be able to connect to the game due to maintenance and reception environment.
・Please have manner and respect to avoid troubles with other players.

What's new

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[Update Information]
・Adjusted and added countermeasures for delayed server loading.
・Fixed other issues

Detailed info

  • File Size : 77.37MB
  • Current Version : 1.17.1
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: Asobimo, Inc.
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Latest Version :9.2 Android:9.5 Past 7 days : 9.3
  • 手机用户1046901
    1.95 hrs on record

    the game is cute and it caught my attention. I'm having trouble focusing on my job right now.

  • Hanzo

    I really like this version it's a total upgrade from the original, smooth graphics, combat is fluid, beautiful open world to explore, you can change your job classes anytime, tons of customization options. great game

  • Jane Miranda
    2.73 hrs on record

    still exploring but promising game. the shop and bag needs improvement though.

  • IwanttobeFREE

    AVABEL LUPINUS will be opening global server Open Date/Time From 2019/7/31, 16: 00(JST) What is global server? International server where users out of Japanese and Taiwan areas. In-game language will be in English for ios and android

    source : fb fan page.

  • Marco Ponce

    sin lugar duda el mejor juego que he jugado es un juego de primera y los graficos de primera los felicito lo recomiendo un 100% para que lo descarguen aun que me falla un poco la internet.




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