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Eclipse Isle Test starts on July 25

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As a first of its kind Anime Style Hero Battle Royale Game, Eclipse Isle will bring you a brand new gaming experience. As for experiencing both "Battle Royale" and "Multiple Heroes" in the game, players can choose different heroes, search for ores to get weapons and skills and equip themselves to fight on the Isle. Under the cr*** of continuous erosion of solar eclipse, Players can use a diverse set of skills and strategies to stand out from 60 competitors and be the winner to save the world.

-Master your Hero, Survive through the Trial
Multiple heroes with a variety of talents are available in the game. Choose the one you like the most in the fight.

-Unleash unique Skills, Fight against Rivals
Release special skills in Battle Royale fight. Each decision you make can help you reverse the situation and become the last one standing on the Isle.

-Exploit the Isle, Use strategies in the Battle
Experience four seasons changing through the battle in this Big World. Collect, camouflage, stealth, track and cook! Various strategies await you on the Isle!

-Gear yourself up, Make it or Break it
A wealth of equipment and supplies to be scavenged. Riding horses will bring you better battle experience. You can also use Bow and Arrow to shoot your enemies. Are you ready for it?

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The new season begins!
【New Hero】
- New hero Sun Wukong is coming. Let's see him in Eclipse Isle.
【New mode】
- New game mode Blitz. Let's rock and roll.
- New Suitdyeing system! Come and customize your own smart avatar.
【New feature】
- Guild shop and Guild member recruit feature updated.
- In game Likes and add friends feature updated.
- Visual effect comprehensively upgraded. Enjoy your game.
- Bullet-comment feature is updated. Try to send message with bullet-comment!

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