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The CBT is over Thank you for your understanding.
• Test Date : 4/18 ~ 4/26 (8days)
• Test Type: Close Beta Test
• Supoort language: English / Chinese

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【Total Intro】
As a first of its kind 3D Anime Style Hero Survival Game, Eclipse Isle will bring you a brand new gaming experience. As for experiencing both "Battle Royale" and "Multiple Heroes" in the game, players can choose different heroes, search for ores to get weapons and skills and equip themselves to fight on the Isle.

Under the cr*** of continuous erosion of solar eclipse, Players can use a diverse set of skills and strategies to stand out from 60 competitors and become the winner to save the world.

【Game Features】
-Master your Hero, Survive through the Trial!
Multiple heroes with a variety of talents are available in the game. Choose the one you like the most in the fight.

-Unleash unique Skills, Fight against Rivals!
Release special skills in Battle Royale fight. Each decision you make can help you reverse the situation and become the last one standing on the Isle.

-Exploit the Isle, Use strategies in the Battle!
Experience four seasons changing through the battle in this Big World. Collect, camouflage, stealth, track and cook! Various strategies await you on the Isle!

-Gear yourself up, Make it or Break it!
A wealth of equipment and supplies to be scavenged. Riding horses will bring you better battle experience. You can also use Bow and Arrow to shoot your enemies. Are you ready for it?

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Latest Version :9.4 Android:9.4
  • "Eclipse Isle" Close Beta Testing singapore in Now!

    China Netease Developer New TPS Game "Eclipse"Close Beta Testing singapore in Now. The game is As a first of its kind 3D Anime Style Hero Survival Game, Eclipse Isle will bring you a brand new gaming

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  • [转载]预约消息

    Dear Winners, We are pleased to update you about the status of Eclipse Isle. Regional Pre-registration for Eclipse Isle is NOW AVAILABLE on our website!  Players in Southeast Asian regions can sign up

  • [英雄猜测]新英雄大猜测

    在不久前官方终于有活了,给我们带了一个新英雄的精彩爆料! 【英雄介绍】   在官方爆料中有一个名字加安魁的魁梧大汉!   新英雄看起来很像一个水手,是的他就是一个豪放魁梧的水手(看起来也像一个海贼~)风云岛的英雄都欢迎他的到来!   我找到了很久以前官方爆料的一张图,个人感觉这张图里的大叔就是这次说的新英雄的皮肤!(大家感觉像不像呢!) 【英雄猜测】    武器猜测:可能是海贼的标配,海贼弯刀、左

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