Non-stop Ulala
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Developer notes:

🐾 "Non-stop Ulala" is expected to officially release on May 15 🐾
You will be transformed into a primitive man with a stone spear and a hide.
Team up with your good friends in the treacherous world of the cr***,
Your hunting adventure is about to begin!

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Editor notes

Official release on May 15

  • Simplified Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Required
  • In-app purchases
  • Android 4.4 and above



Please allow me to introduce you to this magical land simply!

Here, you need to quickly find a companion (class) with the "Ulala" as the secret code, and try your best to use the social warfare (storage) to fight (live)...

--Ok? You asked me what is "Ulala"?


Did you see the four people on the left? They are training in team tacit understanding!

Hey, the guy who is sorting out the ingredients over there is looking forward to making a meal! (whispered) but certainly not my cooking skills!

Dinosaur? Oh, that’s the pet of the captain in neighbor, it’s awkward, unless... its owner hates you!

By the way, there is no problem here that can't be solved by sleeping. If there is, then take a sleep again!

--What? Didn't understand? !

Ok, (Positive face) This is a Buddhist team that you don’t come to know what Urala is, and you may not know it.

Unity and friendship? Of course, professional team push (send) map (dead)...

Cooking with fire? This is a must, eating is the only truth of our lives!

Cloud sucking cute pet? If you change it, can you see that group is cute?

Night and night? Nothing, Ulala is only relaxing and happy~

So, do you want to join us to fight side by side, Ulala~"

Detailed info

  • File Size : 500.34MB
  • Current Version : 1.0
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: Longcheng Ltd.
  • Official Website: View detail
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Latest Version :7.8 Android:6.8
  • 林湖
    76.05 hrs on record


    战士攻击宝石两颗强化到 7,防御宝石还在 5,猎人法师的攻击宝石还在 6,一颗 7 级宝石可是要 64 颗一级宝石合成,掉率差距这么大,不知道是不是有针对职业调整概率。


    技能 40 抽全是紫,如果抽技能比买技能还贵,这个设计存在的意义是什么?单纯为了坑钱吗?


    • 林湖

      顺便一提我大号开了双月卡,烹饪从来没有做出过金色,白色倒是有两次,60 级无金色宠。小号没开月卡,金色烹饪出了两次,金色宠抓了两只,46 级。这游戏有可能是看你有充钱的潜力就逮着坑你,然后用萌新来赚取口碑,当然,一切皆有可能,毕竟这是一家大陆的游戏公司,我太了解他们了。

  • User309371
    148.88 hrs on record


  • Royalflare
    0.27 hrs on record

    A pretty fresh anime style with unique art illustration. This game amazes me at initial. Then into the game. It becomes an Idle game with a team of hunters in different classes (warrior, mage, healer), a little bit sad its not an action game that I can interact with it.

    However, as an Idle game, I can say it has a lot more than you think compare to other Idle game, it has Arena, Black market, Capture Pets these kind of modes which increase game experience. Interaction between the character you choose initially is also abundant.

    Challenging boss is not easy, so you need to loop the stage for better items and higher levels, this is same for most Idle games. But it also requires players spend a lot time on it to achieve it, and money...

    By the way, its unique anime illustration style amazes me and give 5 stars without doubt

  • 🐵🐶🐶🐶🐶
    5.10 hrs on record

    Nice AFK game,very cute graphic***ut plz give me more materials for cooking

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Longcheng Ltd.



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