Guardian Knights

Guardian Knights


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[Pre-registration rewards]
- 500 Diamond
- 50,000 Gold
- Premium Guardian Ticket 1EA

Grand open: Coming on Sep 2019.

A classic turn-based RPG that provides a retro gaming experience
- Experience the classic RPG of line tactic system!

Character nurturing system
- Upgrade your characters with evolution, merge, learning new skills, enhancement and character synergic effects.

Cinematic Scenario
- Experience the tremendous scales of a fantasy world with the cinematic scenario.

Battle Arena
- Prove your guardians’ strength on the Battle Arena. Your elite champions need your wise command. Your strategic controls are highly required to win the battles of the Arena

Guild system
- When you join the guild, a new Phase of the game starts. Guild wars, guild title, guild research will provide you countless rewards and totally new entertainment.

★User Permissions★

User permissions required for the game use.

Access authority is required to save and load game data.

"STEP 1. When the game is launched for the first time, allow permission for
[Access to Device Photos, Media, and Files] in the pop-up message window."

STEP 2. From your device's Settings menu, set Storage to Allow:
[Application manager > Guardian Knights > Permissions > [Storage]




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PvP 对战匹配方式系统改善

Detailed info

  • File Size : 479.95MB
  • Current Version : 0.15.011
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: mobirix
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  • Valentine

    Calling a game retro does not excuse low-poly graphics and poor animation. The new era of retro games use the 8-bit effect on much fancier models. This creates a "remastered" look that is common in a lot of recycled console games.

    This game looks blocky. The dialog is somewhat empty and it is auto out of the box. This is not the "effect" of a retro game, but it is one that was made quickly on a low budget. With such a low budget, why does that game even need my money?

    It is not easy to build a game and it is an expensive endeavor. This doesn't mean the user should settle. Perhaps a Kickstarter or a smaller game would have been good to build up enough revenue for something with a littler more personality.

  • Maxiv

    pretty basic hero collector rpg and the game system is very similar to one of the other game out there I'm pretty sure, nothing special

    so many expensive packages

  • FinalHamu






  • Potato

    awesome game and def not a p2w

  • Ranattachi
    19 mins on record

    ok i dont know whats wrong with this game. it have potentials but somehow something feels off.


    aite , its a turnbase rpg&gacha game.

    *note actually i ady editing the review before but shethappens and i accidentally discarded the inputs haha. now i become lazy _(:^」∠)_


    sound voice music story is meeeh 🙅🙅🙅 skip skip.


    graphics, now this is weird one. its kinda clean , little bit detail and some terrain effects which i find its distracting my sight 🤷(they put unnecessary effects) due the art style is kinda similar like indie X simulation games and more way brighter so i felt very very unease just by seeing the animations , also after battles my ui is very messy .. i guess its a bug.


    gacha : well the ranking list kinda different one also. its

    U (maybe stand for 'Unique' with red color ) as the highest rarity then > S (purle ~ 4 star? ) > R (blue ~5 start , now this is make me confuse since purple *3 wins against nat *5 R) > A (green) > then the lowest rarity N (gray) hmm kinda confusing 🤪 .. also holy shet there's char , weapon , accessories category alone .. dang man ..

    in conclusion : actually this game have potentials as i saw theres some positive in-game features that i think its may give better gaming experience or felt more rich but sadly from the surface its seems like a cheap & half as.sed budget games with high p2w elemets (if we look into this dev profile , the games they made , i think this is kinda expected !)


    once upon a time in mobitrix headquarter

    game dev team : sir ,we need $xxxx to make the game ready and smooth

    higher up : TF is this shet ! cut half the budget !

    then September 23 2019 the game launched

    the end.


    gacha gameeeeeee 🤪 here we go again 🤪

    ehh holy !#$@ the dev made lot games lets see how well this game is


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