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Maintenance is finished, all servers are online
"Blade & Soul: Revolution" Asia is officially released
Game Size: About 5GB

Blade & Soul: Revolution Discord:

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  • Simplified Chinese
  • English
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Require network
  • No proxy need from China


▣ Game Introduction ▣
The Ultimate MMORPG, Play The Revolution!
Pre-register for "Blade&Soul Revolution" now!

◈ Pre-registration Event in progress!
Great rewards are waiting for you if you pre-register on the website!
Receive a cute Pet and 1,000 Black Crystal by pre-registering on Google Play Store!
Various events are happening on our official Facebook page!

■▶ Skill combinations that feel like a fighting game.

Each class has special skills with their own combinations.
Joint-Attack lets you deliver powerful blows with your teammates.
Move while you use your skills.

You won't be able to take your eyes off the action-packed battle.

■▶ All players can join the Open Field Faction War.

A strategic battle between Cerulean and Crimson
War in a massive scale played out in real time in an open field.

Join the Faction War with up to 500 players for each server!

■▶ A true community MMORPG.

Create your story by working together, and sometimes even fight against one another.
Join a clan help out your faction as a clan!

The community awaits you!

■▶ A cinematic story

Watch the tale of revenge play out before your eyes, following the original story.
Over 150 high-quality cinematics

Your path of vengeance against Jinsoyun, your master's murderer, begins.

■▶ Windwalk across sky, land, and water!

Windwalk lets you soar across the MMORPG's humongous field.
Beautiful scenery with full 3D backgrounds.

Experience the liberating feeling of windwalking through the open field!

For the fastest news updates on Blade&Soul Revolution...
◈ Visit the Official Website:
◈ Visit the Official Facebook Page:

[Reward Info and Terms of Use]
*When purchasing cash items, a separate fee will be charged.
*You can play smoothly on a tablet device as well.

Distributor: Netmarble Corp. Representatives: Yongsik Kwon, Seungwon Lee.
Terms of Use and Period: Subject to notices in the game.
(If the period of use is not indicated, the period until the end of the service is considered as the period of use)
-Payment Amount and Method: Follows the payment amount and payment method declared for each product.
(In case of foreign currency payment, it may be different from the actual billing amount due to exchange rates and fees, etc.)
-Product Distribution: Instant payment with the ID (character) purchased in the game.

-Minimum specification: 3GB RAM, OS 6 or higher
-Recommended device: Galaxy S7 or higher

※ This app offer in-app purchases. You can disable this feature by adjusting your device’s settings.
※ By downloading this game, you are agreeing to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

- Terms of Service:
- Privacy Policy:

-Confirm / Contact Business Information:

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1. 最高人氣職業「召喚師」!

2. 誰才是最強門派?「區域占領戰」強勢登場!

3. 「全新伺服器」開放!
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Detailed info

  • File Size: 91.29MB
  • Current Version:
  • Update Time: May Wed, 2020
  • Developer: Netmarble Games
Total Ratings:


Latest Version :7.3 Android:7.6
  • SoraSynnGaming
    played 23 hrs 46 mins


    ◆ Visually quite pretty in Unreal 4

    ◆ Story is the same as PC

    ◆ Combat is bright and flashy

    ◆ Auto Play? (Pro & Con... Some people like Auto)

    ◆ Seems generous with giving items

    ◆ Fast to level

    ◆ Dungeons can be challenging.

    ◆ Has more story cinematics than PC


    ◇ NO GON FEMALE (Gon has 2 gender in PC)

    ◇ Missing a LOT of the base classes available on PC launch. No Summoner/Assassin/Blade Dancer

    ◇ Even with unreal engine 4 it still looks old? Probably due to it originally being on unreal 3

    ◇ Auto Play (Some people DON'T like auto play)

    ◇ Way to gain outfits is a pain in the a** compared to PC (You earn a lot from quest rewards on PC. On mobile it's majority to be crafted Even zone bosses dropped perma outfits on PC, not the case on mobile)

    ◇ Community from Day 1 has been toxic. My block list has many names.I hope block list has no limit. 😂

    ◇ No screenshot/hide UI option (If you're a screenshot person like me, this will bug you)

    ◇ No more JIGGLE PHYSICS. They removed the Jelly bobs physics that's present in the PC version 😂


    Overall the games fun. I'm enjoying it but a lot of the things that are missing are annoying me. If you never played the PC version you won't know most of my comparisons and will probably enjoy it a lot more than me. But if you played the pc version expect to be disappointed in the lack of things I've mentioned. But if you don't care about the cons I've mentioned... you'll probably enjoy what's currently available.


  • Jaysan

    please update the game ....update is already available at playstore why the delay it's happening with many games

  • Diana

    Give us that update, game don't work without it!

  • 森林的王者
    played 19 hrs 24 mins






  • Admiral Kin
    played 7 hrs 11 mins

    ➡️Blade and Soul ⬅️ Same experience or not...

    Netmarble BS it has a large history, talking from the point of pc that is a beautiful masterpiece and offers a total new experience in the area of the MMORPG, well also this blade and soul of small devices it is not far away from that part either , but it is not ported so we knew that from the start . This might just be the title that will raise the bar on all Android games when it hits the Western markets. We’re talking “jaw-dropping, epic-feeling, so addictive people are playing it non-stop”-good. Something in the lines of the Opening of the Gates of Aahn’Qiraj, if you know what I mean .

    ➡️ Gameplay : Well there is no much difference here when we are talking about GamePlay nothing to be bad but also nothing extraordinary. As any other MMORPG's types uses a open world style and a large mass of skills composition and goes by main quest and side quests and dungeons.

    ➡️ Graphics: BDS use unreal engine as it's choice so you will need to max out all in order to enjoy a full experience of its beauty in matter of graphics. On this part I find it a little bit down , or I am kinda use with high or end graphics , who knows 🙄.

    ✨Most likely you will be fascinated or not about this title or maybe you will uninstall it after a while , well I did play it allot and also I have it on PC but there it is another experience, try it maybe you like maybe not✨

    ‼️Sorry if I am big chaser in the MMORPG area...but this title follows the same path as it is on pc...I don't wanna say much more about it.‼️

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