Joyland:  Horror adventure quest
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Joyland: Horror adventure quest


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Welcome to Joyland! Join us in this first-person 3D-arcade adventure that takes place on a survival TV show. Complete quests as you experience horror and navigate difficult puzzles, all while immersed in captivating graphics and atmospheric music.

Thank you for tuning in to Joyland TV, where everything is real. Real fear and real despair - tears, pain, and death on the air. Just the way you like it. Enjoy the gruesome fun, make bets, and behold our grand arena! Our next contestant is a young and brave Polly. Don't let her looks fool you – she might be skinny but she's a fighter! A sister on the quest to save her little brother. But to save his life, she needs to risk hers. Will she survive the deadly race? Will she solve the puzzles of the arena? WILL. SHE. LIVE? Let’s find out... release the hunter!

On the outskirts of the city, in the ruins of an old toy factory and under the giant dome of steel and concrete lies a place called Joyland. Once a children's playground it is now a deadly arena where children are forced to fight for their lives while being hunted by mechanical monstrosities – all for the amusement of a sadistic audience that thirsts for a gruesome spectacle. A young girl named Polly dares to face this nightmare. Help her survive the ordeal.

You are playing the role of Polly, a teenage girl determined to find her missing little brother. The search has led you to a desolate part of town. Wandering through an abandoned toy factory, you were captured and brought to the arena to play a sick game where death is all but certain. You have no choice but to play but you choose not to give up.

To save yourself and your brother, you have to pass all 5 zones of the arena. In order to succeed you’ll have to search for useful items by solving puzzles, win the admiration of the audience by gaining show points, all the while fleeing from the terrifying mecha-hunter. It's that easy! Only then you’ll be able to open the gate into the next zone. Have fun and try not to die!

What to expect:

Thrilling gameplay and interconnected networks of game mechanics that will keep you engaged for hours on end.

Joyland consists of 5 large districts filled with clever puzzles and fascinating places to explore. As a bleak ghost town, Joyland has a lot of strange history for those who dare to explore its secrets.

Spectacular soundtrack and realistic sound effects will make your immersion into this horror fest a truly terrifying experience.

A fascinating story about survival, coming of age, and perseverance against all odds.
For a full experience we recommend using headphones and playing with dimmed lights.

Joyland is game that uses comic book style of visuals.

A tense atmosphere of constant horror – you shall be pursued by the evil that doesn't rest. Be ready to flee at any moment. Cyborg-Moth knows no pity!

An unexpected ending full of twists and turns. One hell of a show every step of the way. Will you survive until the end, or become just another victim of the arena?

Download free the Joyland game for if you like secrets and mystic!
Be careful! The game will be a few bloody scenes and frightening screamers!
Welcome to the creepy town from which you need to escape. Explore the arena and solve its secrets! Can a madman's cyborg get you?
Be very attentive to details, and then you can solve the riddles of the horror arena! Look for a puzzle key. It can be anything, a safe, a chest, a coffin, a cauldron, the head of a scary doll or a ghost! The key may be in the most unexpected place! Can you do it better than your neighbor?
Reveal the secrets of the city of Rifton! Where did the people go? Why is the city under a dome? Is aliens or coronavirus to blame? Or maybe a zombie plague? Or is it just a Masonic conspiracy?

What's new

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update. version 0.0.2
-Ability to skip tutorial
-Sound notification of the enemy proximity
-Bug fix

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  • Developer: 1horizon
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  • Byakuya Kuchiki

    ➡️Welcome To Joyalnd Botherlands➡️

    👁️‍🗨️At a general point this game it has a unique aspect I mean it is FPS horror mixed with the authentic style of Botherlands (hope I write it it good ). It is a horror puzzle game that will captivate you with small details and lose your time into it to do not be caught by creatures , you are so called a little girl in the story and your brother is oke , I did play it full to write to you all the story and so on , but sounds really good and interesting also.

    ➡️ Gameplay: Horror type/Puzzle /FPS solving mystery and gathering items . In the main event you are a little girl who is in some kinda creepy world , when you start your story it also says that robot welcome to Joyland and then the real story begins .

    ➡️Graphics : Ok the texture type that it is used in this game it is close to Botherlands (hope it is the right word for it, never played it before , but after this game sure I will ) . For a horror type it has some mixed colours pretty funny in this aspect .

    📌If you are a fun of puzzle games and FPS games combined with a horror platform I would recommend this one as well, pretty interesting 📌

  • 北方飼養員




  • How
    4 mins on record

    ====How Review====

    Tanggal rilis : Februari 2020

    Graphic : 5/5

    Control : 3/5

    Gameplay : 3/5

    Paytowin : N/A

    Iklan : Yes

    My review : Awalnya saya mengira game ini bakalan jadi game yang seru. Tapi saat tutorial itu, saya merasa sedikit aneh terhadap controlnya. Kurang responsif. Untuk grafiknya gak ada masalah, smooth gak ada frame drop juga. Hanya controlnya saja yang kurang responsif saat menekan atau melakukan action di dalam game. Dan gameplaynya sedikit membingungkan, ya wajar aja jika game bergenre horor ini pasti membingungkan. Tapi bukan itu, saya bertanya apakah ini game horor ? saya belum menemukan unsur seram di game ini.

    Score overall : 3.6/5

    Recommended : No

  • iimitan
    14 mins on record

    Have you ever watched a movie called Hunger Game? Well, I guess this game is like that.

    For gameplay its interested me, because we are required to surround the entire map to find the battery in order to advance to the next level, oh yeah this is not a horror game! this is more of a puzzle game while hide and seek between the main character and robot bees which can chase you when detected by the bees, but I'm a little disturbed by how OP the bees are, when I have entered into the main room they will still chase me unless I illuminate him twice with Multitool.

    For the storyline, hmm... there aren't many stories in this game, you as a younger sister of a brother who is waiting for you outside the puzzle game or what Richard calls is Joyland.

    I recommend you for those who loves puzzle game.

    Welcome to Joyland!

  • Adelmo Araújo

    Baixei muito empolgado, mas criei espectativa demais. Faço análises mais elaboradas, mas essa vai ser rápida.

    O game tem gráficos excelentes, mas uma trilha sonora pobre, e pra um jogo se suspense isso já é 50% do jogo.

    a mecânica tb tem que ser melhorada, como por exemplo o tempo de entrar em uma cápsula pra se esconder, pois demora demais e não se sabe o pq. O braço deveria se mover quando anda e ficar um pouco mais a baixo. Os sons dos passos estão muito errados e em geral todo o som ambiente está descalibrado, nota-se isso porquê é difícil identificar de onde o som vem. É quase um jogo de suspense com som mono, isso não pode passar em branco.

    Se os desenvolvedores focarem em "concluir" o jogo ao invés de lucrar tão cedo, ficarei feliz em experimentar de novo e refazer a análise.

    • Ryoma games

      Também fui seco achando que seria algo muito bom.

    • Adelmo Araújo

      Parece mesmo man, mas é broxante. É difícil entender como tem capacidade pra fazer gráficos tão legais mas não tem uma mecânica e som bons. Geralmente é o contrário, pois games com mecânica boa e bons sons, mesmo sem bons gráficos (quando se trata de terror) ainda consegue agradar.

    • ivani conceiçao

      queria um jogo de sobrevivência? conhece alg8

    • Adelmo Araújo

      This war of mine pode ser uma boa opção. 👍🏻

  • Feedback


    1.移动时有可能断触。 2.收集完五个能量球后,点了skip后又要重新来一遍,但是道具都消失了。

  • Walkthrough


    1.一定要看地图,最好几秒就看一次,蜂怪的地点会时刻标记在地图上。 2.不要和它赛跑,你跑不过它的,它速度比你快。 3.注意能量,一定要保留10点能量来保命,没有能量可以用金砖消耗来转换能量,可以短暂击晕身边的蜂怪,还能看到关键道具的地点。 4.蜂怪有时会落地休眠(这时候没有抓捕判定),这段时间要利用好。 5.安全舱没有想象中的好用,也可以通过回到出生点躲避仇恨,它进不来。 。。。。 还没通关,死


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