Blade & Soul: Revolution
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Developer notes:

This game is Korean version of ''Blade & Soul: Revolution''
Japanese version :


Blade & Soul: Revolution is a mobile MMORPG based off the hit PC title Blade & Soul.

Rise. Strike. Avenge.
Your tale of revenge unravels across a breathtaking world where martial arts and mythology meet in a furious clash of fists and betrayal.

Become a Powerful Warrior!
The path of vengeance begins with determination. Choose one of four unique races, and use detailed character customization tools to shape your persona with near-infinite possibilities.

Glide, sprint and jump across a visually stunning & unique world!
Like the crane that soars on the wind, explore a beautiful, cinematic world like never before as you use the power of windwalk to glide across forests, dash across rivers, and jump over mountains. See the world inspired by the distinct visual style of acclaimed artist Hyung Tae Kim as you travel the land.

Master the Art of War!
Pick from 11 classes and battle foes with a fast-paced action-combat system where timing, counters, and combos are the focus. Listen well, although the way of battle is easy to learn, becoming a true master takes practice. Challenge foes in PvP duels, or explore with friends in a variety of Dungeons and hone your combat skills to match your legacy.

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  • File Size : 94.58MB
  • Current Version :
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: NCSOFT Corporation
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Latest Version :7.4 Android:8.2
  • Liangzx
    36.05 hrs on record


    after played around 2 weeks i decided to write in detail


    pros :

    -good graphics using UE

    -has BnS PC feel

    -good event for newbies, you can get midrange equipment by clearing them and you will use the eq for long time

    -friendly grinding system (can switch the screen to save battery, auto stop grind when you have no pots left or bag full)

    -auto combat which is ok for me since the skill combos too long to play manually when grinding or questing

    -just auto combat cant make you win, this is what i really like, on specific dungeon you cant just auto combat to clear it, you need to dodge properly and use knockback skill properly to win

    -realtime and fully manual pvp


    cons :

    -no english language, even with google translate still confusing

    -solo till the end? i played till lv 90 without party with anyone, and thats kinda boring

    -almost no interactions needed with other players, even theres factions wars, you just go there and clear the objectives if possible, no talk needed

    -i've joined a guild for a week, theres no guild activity at all, all i did just collect the guild rewards


    conclusion : its almost like playing an idle game, uninstalled

  • Hanzo

    all my favorite PC games are on mobile life is great 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  • hoa tieu

    mk chơi game này trên pc rồi phải nói là siêu phẩm còn mobile h mới tải lên ch pit chơi như nào giống bản pc hoàn toàn ko

  • Red
    11.43 hrs on record

    ko vào đc game cần người giúp

  • User616895

    có thể về Việt Nam sớm không mong được chơi phiên bản Việt Nam

NCSOFT Corporation



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